Classic & Motorsport offers an exclusive selection of fascinating and unique pictures of classic cars and motor sport world.

Designer and photographer Rob Powell with over 30 years of experience in world-class automotive design for Porsche and BMW presents up-close, extraordinary impressions of his projects as a motor sport graphic / livery designer, as well as his own photos of F-1 racing, motor sport events and classic cars.

The exhibition is open by appointment and mostly Sunday afternoon from 14.00 -18.00, but please check this website for confirmation of opening times and special events.

Rob Powell is usually present to explain the images and their history.

Classic & Motorsport


All images at the exhibition and a large selection of pictures from his portfolio can be purchased in a variety of sizes, finishes and materials.

Classic and Motorsport offers these images in poster form, art prints; on high quality photo paper and the especially high-quality dibond aluminium sandwich material which is 3.5 mm thick, light and very stable. With this ultra violet printing process the ink is applied directly to the Dibond material and hardend during the process with Ultra Violet light making the prints water resitant and ideal for home, office or garage.


Other services:

Image editing and printing of small-to-large-size images on various carrier materials.

From own negatives and pictures. From newspapers / magazines. Retouching old images.

Photo shoot of their private old timer.

Graphic design. Automotive. Race car livery / graphic design. Restoring old livery designs on motorsport restorations projects.

Graphic design - General. Logo development / CI

Design. Rob Powell has over 35 years of Automobil Design experience at Porsche and BMW. Other areas of design are now covered by his design studio such as:

Industrie / Produktdesign. Graphic and website design. Link, Powell Design.


Classic and Motorsport

Rob Powell
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Jaguar C Type. Gut Staltach.2014

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