Gut Staltach has tremendous history originally being a large manor housing a brewery and large peat work. The farm house it's self was responsible for a variety of farming activities and the local woods where part of forestry activities. By the late seventies all activities had come to an end.

Recently a new wind has arrived. Peter Klier, following in the footsteps of his forefathers, Joseph Anton von Maffei, has taken over the manor and has a dream for its future. The buildings have been partly restored with special interest being taken to retain the original character. Especially the original brick construction is being revealed. Two wings of the building have received a new roof incorporating solar panels which produce large amounts of electricity. Plans include the addition of power storage which would make the farm partly self supportive.This reflects the original concept created by Hugo von Maffei when the farm was completely self supportive in the 19th century.

The manor, under the direction of Peter Klier is establishing itself into a classic car center. The roof areas now house parking for up to 160 classic cars. There is a restoration workshop, mechanics, panel beaters and painters as well as sales rooms for vintage cars and a gallery of automobile photographs.

The first phase of this project is under way but Gut Staltach must now look to the future and carefully plan it's development. Where should accents be set. What could be the new priorities?. Should the development remain a self contained establishment for a few collectors or open it's doors more to the public.

Without doubt the later must be the chosen direction. Gut Staltach is located in one of the most beautiful areas in Bavaria if not Germany. It can be easily reached by car being located almost directly on the Munich Garmisch motorway and has a train station almost directly at its entrance.

The location alone makes it the perfect area for visitors wanting to see the 5 beautiful lakes located directly behind the farm, play golf at one of the nearby courses, enjoy the gastronomic offers in the local villages such as iffeldorf or visit local mining museums or the animal paradise at Gut Aiderbichl farm. Gut Staltach needs to open its doors and offer further attractions in a down to earth but highly creative manner.


Gut Staltach currently supports the restoration and repair of classic cars. The vehicles come from a time when a mechanic needed a set of tools, not an expensive diagnostic device and a carefully place hammer blow restarted an engine!

Our current mobility is built on this heritage and it is important that this is not forgotten and communicated to our children.
And here begins our journey.

The founding and building of a creative Center at Gut Staltach which will offer a range of actives, experiences and courses for all generations where the tradition, heritage and development of the classic car can be experienced. Restoration projects, history, photography and drawing classes ...a fascinating subject for young and old.

This is only the beginning of Gut Staltach’s new concept. History is only one part as we have already added other elements. ‘Creativity’ and ‘hand Work’  are the core of this new development.


From the earliest ages children especially love to be creative and despite our ever over technical world, when given the chance will spend endless ours, in the right environment, making bows and arrows, building tree houses or soap carts.

Unfortunately these environments are not so accessible in most homes and the present school system, unless one chooses a more alternative education, are highly intellectual, creativity and hand Work forms a small part of the curriculum.

This education system also means that many students are still unsure and often only partly informed about the creative professions reaching the age of 18. Then they have their examination results but many questions about there future and what to study.

Gut Staltach’s 'creative centre' main aims will be to provide a creative and hand work learning experience for children from a young age up to students looking for help in experiencing and trying out aspects of the creative world, while at school to help them decide on there future.

To do this the development will include workshops for woodwork and metalwork, painting, drawing  and sculpture plus a studio specializing in car history and design.

Each area will have a supporting craftsman who will lead and teach the various groups. Courses for children would be held after lunch, early evenings and of course during the holidays. Subjects could be linked to school curriculums if needed but Gut Staltach will most likely create its own courses.


Facilities of this sort are to be available to all generations and when we consider  pensioners we find a huge market of people looking for information, further education, activities and friendship. The creative centre will offer a range of experiences and courses based around the activities mentioned giving this older generation the chance to reactivate lost creativity, hammer some silver to make a ring or build simple wooden objects. Drawing, painting, the arts in general are obviously available.

Especially for this older generation is the mostly "before lunch" experience combined with a light lunch at the centre’s own coffee bar, a chance to learn, build things, be creative and make new friends combined with a wonderful morning out.


After work activities are offered all over the area but the creative centre will allow people to relax and be creative, switch off and do something new. All the course are available to young and old and will be available for the busy worker as evening classes. For some people the ideal ausgleich to a busy days office work.

Staff, tutors, teachers can easily be found in the area that is full of retired craftsmen, teachers, artists, who would jump at the chance to become involved in such a project as mentors and tutors


The  facilities offered at the Staltach creative centre can be used to encourage personal and company innovation.

Above the workshop areas will be a floor offering office space and project rooms which can be rented out by companies wishing to take project groups out of their busy, every day work place, and put them in an environment which is living and breathing creativity. Here, these groups can approach projects in a new way. Obviously the rooms will be ideal for classic brainstorming but add the downstairs workshops and you have a totaly new environment. The complete Staltach experience will help every one to think differently and enjoy this process.

In the longer term an on site hotel will complete the experience.

The project.

Phase one.

The first phase is the assessment of the concept with an evaluation of the investment costs.

A business plan needs to be determined based on a possible usage of the centre.

At the same time it will be important to remember that this is also an gift to society.

A private investor(s) or company would be the ideal backer for such a project. Bringing in local government could complicate matters but this could still be looked into.

All courses will have tuition costs but pensioners and children prices must remain within an affordable level. The evening courses will be offered at fair prices but this is a private institution not the Volkshochschule.

It is expected that once the centre becomes established the project rooms and offices will be regularly booked.

The centre is supported by an on site coffee bar and the entrance area will house a small exhibition area in information about the history of Staltach and work at the Center.

Phase two.

Expansion of the subjects offered. Possibly fashion, industrial design.

An important second phase will be the building of an on site hotel. This would be of great importance to attract groups from other counties and countries. It would also attract summer family holidays of a new style where children and families can be creative together enjoying a range of creative activities yet still enjoy the surrounding countryside and lakes.








Gut Staltach


Creative Centre.

The Gut Staltach creative Centre will offer a wide range of creative, artistic and handwork experiences for all generations. The centre will provide workshops, seminar rooms, offices, display areas and coffee bar / bistro.

Center Overview:

The center is housed in a new building replacing the existing left wing which is currently used as storage.

The new wing will include:

Ground floor:

Reception. Offices. Exhibition areas.

Relaxing areas with coffee bar and snacks.

3 main workshops each 220m/3

Metal, woodwork, silversmithing and pottery.

Painting, drawing, arts, design and computer design courses.

Automobile design workshop. A wide variety of courses approaching all areas of automotive design and history.

First floor:

Seminar / project rooms and offices .

Presentation / meeting rooms.


For further information regarding the creative centre please contact us directly.


Gut Staltach



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